Friday, 30 September 2011

Boo Spooky House Halloween Greeting Card - Challenge #9 Stripes or/and Haunted house

Oh my, I do have to apologise as I have neglected this challenge and I'm very sorry. I think I got distracted by other activities and the 'procrastination monkey' on my back, kept saying 'do it tomorrow'.

I think it's wise to make this challenge a monthly one so it's easier to manage.

Theme this month is 'Stripes or/and Haunted House' as usual just add your creations through the inlinkz button. Thanks for being so patient and I'm looking forward to see your creation and Happy Halloween only 30 day until the fun event ! YAY !


  1. Yay, I'm glad to see you back and I love your sample :D

  2. Happy to see the challenges back! Love your card. Yes, life just gets away from us doesn't it?! Monthly sounds great.


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