Saturday, 16 April 2011

Frankenstein Halloween Card - Yes, It Had to Happen ! :)

Yes, it had to happen eventually that I created a Halloween only blog... I've been toying with the idea for a while and since I really making Halloween cards I took the plunge and here I am with yet another blog ! ;)

How I made this card

I've used a really colourful pad by We R Memory Keepers I purchased last year on QVC. I also used by the same paper craft company their Sew Easy kit which is totally brilliant. You can do all sort of hand stitch look and I really like the textured feel of hand stitching on handmade greeting cards. The stamped Frankenstein image is from The Angel Company.

Reminiscing going Trick or Treating with my sis  

I still remember going trick or treating when I was a little kid and I have to admit I miss seeing this tradition around here in London, UK. Although it has become more popular it has been now nearly 3 year since I saw anyone doing the sweets/candy gathering rounds around our streets. I don't blame the parents as in our busy capital you can't be too careful yet I feel the kids are missing out on some fun.

We, my sister and I, used to come home all excited and spread our 'stash' on our bedrooms floor to see what we got and it was serious sorting time as well as swapping the sweets we didn't like.

I also remember that Autumn/Fall wasn't really there until I saw the Peanuts special on television. Because we lived in Québec we could only see the latest show on television in English yet we used to watch it anyway trying to figure out what was being said. We had to be patient as the very same show would have been translated in French either a few week later (missing the point as it was nearly winter then) or even worse the year later.

Halloween Challenge coming soon

Now I've also decided to start a monthly Halloween challenge to get us started for next October, it will start on May the 30th so watch this space and come by then so you can join in the fun.

Spoooooooky ! :)

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  1. What do I like most about Halloween???? Let's see..scary cats, the cute ghosts, the witches, the frogs....the candy! I like it all!

  2. Great challenge! That Franky card is super cute. Anyways, I just want to tell you that I'm really interested in that card and I want to include that card in my collection of printing samples.


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